Giselle Halwani – Expert Restaurant Manager

Giselle Halwani first entered the restaurant business when she was fifteen years old. She worked at a deli down the street from her apartment in Brooklyn. It wasn’t much, she now says of her first job, but it was better than sweating all summer in her cramped two-bedroom apartment where she, her parents, her three brothers, two sisters, and grandparents lived. She quickly found that she was the most capable waitress at the restaurant where she worked, and she moved up in the hierarchy. At the end of her first summer at the Brooklyn restaurant, she was asked to stay on full-time. After consulting with her family, she agreed and worked late into the evenings after school while still finding time to complete her homework and graduate high school with a B average.

Giselle Halwani

Giselle Halwani

After high school, Giselle Halwani moved to Boston for a fresh start. She found work at one of the best Italian-American restaurants in Boston as a head waitress. She again quickly moved up the hierarchy at her new workplace, gaining the trust and respect of almost everyone who worked there. She also gained the attention of a young chef named Isaac Halwani. Three months after Isaac and Giselle first set eyes on each other, they married. They now live in Boston with their two children.

When she’s not caring for her family, Giselle Halwani is managing one of the best restaurants in the city of Boston. Over the years, as the owners have aged, she has taken over more of the daily operations of the restaurant.