GiselleHalwani – A Pioneer in her Profession

GiselleHalwani is considered by foodie insiders a pioneer in her profession. The food critics who know how restaurants actually work know that Halwani is one of the best at what she does. Halwani is the manager of one of the best restaurants in Boston. He handles the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, from how customers are seated to the arrangements on the tables, to the food she orders for the chefs. Halwani keeps everything running smoothly as if the restaurant is a factory, but customers still get a very unrushed, authentic feel when they come in to dine.

Giselle Halwani

Giselle Halwani

Giselle Halwani rose to her post as manager quickly after she started on as a waitress. She was so deft at anticipating customer needs and reading all of the little signals that told her when to show up at a table and when to give it some space that the owners of the restaurant moved her up the ladder first to head waitress, then to manager. She made the jump in responsibility seamlessly and has been running one of the best restaurants in Boston ever since. Her experience certainly serves her and her customers well. She hopes to one day take over as owners when the current owners step aside. She is not shy about her ambition.

GiselleHalwani redesigned the restaurant and gave more power to the servers and waiters. She has minimized turnover of restaurant staff, resulting in happier, more secure waiters and staff. Because the restaurant is run so smoothly, the waiters get more in tips, and everyone stays happy.