Giselle Halwani – Becoming Influential

Giselle Halwani’s success has caused other prominent restaurants to hire high-powered managers to oversee day-to-day operations, and most have seen positive results. Giselle has helped make her restaurant even better than what it was, which is impressive. At the time, the only job experience she had was as a waitress at the neighborhood Italian deli near where she lived. She has quickly moved up to head waiter, which afforded her more influence over the overall service experience at the restaurant, then eventually she became the manager, which makes most of the restaurant’s daily operations her responsibility. She excelled so thoroughly at the Italian deli that the owners had to convince her father to let her work there full time. When she arrived in Boston, one of the first places she looked for a job at was also one of the best restaurants in Boston. The owners admit that they were unsure of her experience, but they hired her after what they called a “fantastic interview” and she never looked back.

Giselle HalwaniGiselle Halwani has gained more influence in the foodie world since she became the manager of one of the best restaurants in her adopted home, Boston. She moved there from her family home in Brooklyn shortly after she graduated high school. Now her influence is felt throughout the restaurant, from the servers to the hostess to the waiters and even the cooks. Food critics are beginning to take notice of Giselle’s changes she has made at the restaurant, which had been suffering from a service problem before she came into the fold.


Giselle Halwani – Being The Best

Under Giselle Halwani’s intensive management approach, the restaurant has never done better at any time in its history. One day, she walked up to one well-known critic, introduced herself—she is the manager of one of Boston’s most prestigious restaurants—and politely why he chose to eat here. Today, she handles the day-to-day operations of the restaurant so seamlessly that food critics are beginning to take notice.

Giselle Halwani

Giselle Halwani

At first the critic was taken aback, his glowing review appeared in the Boston media a week before; shouldn’t the obvious answer be the food? The critic thought about it and responded that it was because of the excellent service and how the restaurant was run. Giselle became the manager of one of the best restaurants in Boston a short time after she was hired there to be a server. They tell the public what they want to hear: where the best chefs are, where to get the best clam chowder in Boston, etc.

The legend of Giselle Halwani had begun in the insider food critic circle. Now the restaurant is not only getting positive reviews on a consistent basis, it is becoming a hot spot for off-duty food critics who simply want a good meal. Over the past few years, Giselle has seen more off-duty food critics frequent her restaurant. But true industry insiders know much more than they let on. Foodie insiders are a tight-knit, secretive group. When they go out to eat, they go to the restaurants with not only the best food, but also the best service. The owners are thinking about retiring and possibly selling the business to her in the near future.