Giselle Halwani’s Five Management Tips For the Savvy Restaurant Manager

What makes a restaurant manager successful is their ability to take a restaurant and turn it around and make it successful. When a restaurant manager uses business tactics to generate business for the restaurant, it helps increase the restaurant’s rating as well as show the manager’s expertise. Giselle Halwani has worked with some of the top leaders in the restaurant industry.

Giselle HalwaniRestaurant Catering – If you want to expand the business, you might want to consider including restaurant catering for your clientele. Since restaurants have all the necessary hardware, it would be a good idea to offer restaurant catering for your client’s private functions.

Daily Reviews to Track Sales – As the restaurant manager you might want to use a daily restaurant reviews to help build up the business. A daily business review can help in analyzing payroll costs, sales trends, customer counts, and predict future sales.

Use a POS System – A Point of Sale system will help restaurant owners keep a track of cash flow, sales and food inventory. A POS system can help simplify day-to-day restaurant operations and help cut down unnecessary expenses. It also helps in tracking the most popular dish on the menu.

Updated Menu – Every restaurant manager has to update the menu regularly. The update can come because of rising costs of ingredients, availability of ingredients, or popularity of dishes on the menu. The food on the menu should be low in costs and bring in high profits.

Energy Efficient – Look for energy efficient solutions that can be incorporated into the restaurant, as this will help in bringing down energy costs. Using energy efficient solutions will also help in protecting the environment.

Giselle Halwani is an experienced restaurant manager and has implemented various management strategies at the restaurants she has worked at.