Giselle Halwani – How to Build a Positive Relationship With Your Children

One of the challenges many parents face is trying to build a positive relationship with their children while trying to pursue their career at the same time. It is important to pursue your career, but it is equally important to build a positive relationship with your children. Giselle Halwani is a successful restaurant manager who has worked hard to build a positive relationship with her children.

Giselle HalwaniTreat Your Child as Your Best Friend

Psychologist Dr. Haim Ginott said that parents should treat their children the same way they would treat their best friend. If your friend came to visit you and left their purse at your home and called you later, how would you respond? If your child forgot their lunch box at school, how would you respond? If you respond empathetically to your best friend and respond angrily at your child, you need to change your approach and take positive action to remedy your child’s mistake. The way you respond to your child should make him rely on you for comfort and support, and not make him feel guilt and shame.

Support Your Child

Being the parent there are times when you will have to correct the wrong, but you must show your children you are available to support them no matter what. You should be the “go-to” person for them when they need help or support in difficult times. Do not isolate your child because of poor performance at school. Instead, be ready to offer your support and encouragement.

Giselle Halwani learned the importance of being her children’s best friend. Having come from a very supportive family, she uses the same things she learned from how her parents treated her growing up.