Giselle Halwani – The Different Managerial Positions in Most Restaurants

There are basically three managerial positions in every restaurant and though they are different from each other, the basic management duties such as running a shift remain the same. The three managers in a restaurant ate the general manager, service manager, and the kitchen manager. Irrespective of which position you hold, you will be working with the customers and the entire restaurant staff. Giselle Halwani has worked as the restaurant manager at various top restaurants in the city of Boston.

Giselle HalwaniGeneral Manager

The general manager is responsible for the entire restaurant and has to coach the staff and teach them the way things need to be done in the restaurant. When things are going well in the restaurant, he is the one who gets credit, and when things aren’t going well, he is the one who has to take the fall. He is also the one who assigns staff to the position he feels they can perform best at, and he is the one who takes the complaints of the customers.

Service Manager

The service manager has the responsibility of managing the front of house operations and has to make sure that the things are clean. He has to delegate cleaning and maintenance responsibilities to the staff and ensure the place is ready for service. The service manager is responsible for increasing store sales by teaching the waiters how to increase the average sale per customer.

Kitchen Manager

The kitchen manager is responsible for the back of house operations and has to make sure that the kitchen is properly stocked with the necessary ingredients. He has to be in charge of ordering food supplies and budgeting the expenses of the restaurant.

Giselle Halwani started working at an Italian restaurant waiting tables, and quickly moved up the ladder and became a restaurant manager within a few years.